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Clay Cockerell, MD | Nathaniel Jellinek, MD

4/18/18: Over 400 Industry Participants at DermFoot 2018

DERMfoot 2018 launched this past weekend in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to a record crowd of over 400 podiatrists, dermatologists, and industry professionals with a keen interest in dermatology of the lower extremity.

Joel Morse DPM and Annette Joyce, DPM celebrated their third year as meeting chairs. Council for Nail Disorders President, Nat Jellinek, MD and past president of the American Academy of Dermatology, Clay Cockerell, MD conducted a lively open panel “DERMfanatics” discussion on melanoma and nail biopsy.

Areas of of focus included regenerative medicine, skin and nail surgery, dermoscopy, inflammatory disorders, chemotherapy, wound care, and pediatrics. Standing room only biopsy cadaver workshops were taught by dermatology pioneers, “Dock “Dockery, DPM and Bryan Markinson, DPM. A poignant and uplifting keynote speech was delivered by Bradley Bakotic DPM, DO, which detailed Dr. Bakotic’s lifelong journey into the fields of podiatry and dermatopathology along with his vision of an “even brighter future” for tomorrow’s foot and ankle specialists.

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