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DERMfoot 2020 Exhibitors

Modern Vascular

We are PAD specialists. Modern Vascular facilities are a group of affiliated outpatient clinics that specializes in minimally invasive endovascular procedures to treat PAD – Peripheral Artery Disease. Our mission is to advance regular comprehensive evaluation, early diagnosis, and successful treatment of PAD.

Washington Vascular Specialists

Washington Vascular Specialists is the first outpatient vascular treatment center in the mid-Atlantic region and has locations in Takoma Park, Largo, and Frederick, Maryland. Founder Mubashar Choudry, MD, is an interventional cardiologist and vascular surgeon with unparalleled training and over 20 years experience in vascular care.


AMERX has grown through the years as a family-run company working together to establish a trusted brand that represents quality in the skin and wound care industry. We invite you to learn more about AMERX and how joining the AMERX Network of Dispensing Physicians can help improve patient outcomes while growing your practice.

Dr’s Remedy

Dr.’s REMEDY offers over 40 different shades of nail color along with nail care products such as base coat, top coat, cuticle care and a nail hydration. Each product is infused with a special blend of ingredients selected by Dr. Cirlincione and Dr. Spielfogel. This blend includes: wheat protein, tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract and lavender. Dr.’s Remedy products do not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene,TPHP, camphor or pthalates or DBP. Dr.’s REMEDY is the best alternative to traditional nail polish.


NerveReverse is specifically formulated to improve nerve health by improving blood flow and reducing inflammation surrounding the nerves. The formulation is developed by peer-reviewed clinical studies that demonstrate improved symptoms and increased nerve fiber density. The ingredients used in NerveReverse are the most bio-available form so your body doesn’t need to convert the vitamins to a usable form. If you compare NerveReverse to any other supplement on the market, our formula has the right amount and type of ingredients to promote healthy nerves. Now, just 2 pills/day keeps the tingling away.


200+ great products! ShoeZap®, ClotrimazOil®, Podiatrists™ Choice® and Visco-GEL®, Pedi-GEL® StickyPads, PediPlast®, FootSplints, DiabeticDefense® Topicals, OTC packaging for dispensing, pharmacy prescribing, patient-direct purchase, more!

SteriWeb Medical

SteriWeb Medical provides Omnicide and BluMjk.  FDA-Registered Omnicide Gel, a nonbacterial, safe, antimicrobial gel, may relieve the most worrisome bacteria before they can get a foothold and cause a skin infection. Or, if an infection has started, Omnicide Gel will fight it.  bluMjk is an OTC pain relieving topical applicator that combats nerve irritation at the deepest levels. Apply liberally on the affected area where it starts working immediately on contact. Proven to relieve over 90% of mild to severe pain in 5 minutes or less. By using bluMjk before resorting to narcotics, you may relieve the need for narcotics all together.

The Tetra Corporation

Tetra offers innovative products rooted in superior science and technology. Tetra invests in
physician delivered medicine that leads to successful patient outcomes and enhanced patient/physician relationships.



Saorsa is the newly established US distributor of SWIFT Technology; a revolutionary modality that uses microwaves to treat plantar warts and verrucae. Having just recently launched (January 2019), soarsa is now introducing this innovative platform to podiatrists across the country, focusing on early adopters seeking better outcomes for their patients. Delivered in less time than comparative methods, SWIFT does not break skin, creates no smoke and does not destroy tissue. Healing is natural and the outcome is Freedom. Visit us at our booth and speak to our team about how SWIFT can help your patients and your practice.


3Gen manufacturers the DermLite brand of skin imaging devices.

Path-Scientific | PathFormer

PathFormer is a revolutionary drill device that trephinates nails virtually painlessly, providing access to subungual tissue. The microcutter automatically retracts from the nail after trephination. The resulting microconduits allow delivery of drugs to nail bed for an enhanced topical treatment of nail diseases.  PathFormer can also be used to create openings in nail plate to provide relief from subungual hematoma.


Highest quality diabetic shoes and inserts, with industry leading customer service.


Dia-Foot manufactures both the pre-fab diabetic inserts and custom inserts. The custom inserts are direct milled. We accept foam box impressions and iPad scans to manufacture the inserts.

Forward Motion

Forward Motion provides custom orthotic insoles and medical 3D scanning technology. We pride ourselves on providing the best
custom orthotic insoles for podiatrists and patients. Forward Motion is dedicated to foot health, healing, and customer satisfaction.


Orthofeet is a leading manufacturer of high quality depth shoes and orthotics. Our products incorp many innovations and combine comfort and fashion.


Redi-Thotics are designed to maximize your performance and increase comfort. Each unique Redi-Thotic offers relief to foot ailments relieving pain and discomfort. Podiatrists try any pair on us… or get a sample ring with all 10 orthotics.  Check out our new orthotics for high heels and womens flats.

Bako Diagnostics


Bako Diagnostics is a provider of diagnostic and therapeutic services with a unique focus on the skin, nail, soft tissue and bone of the lower extremity. Our comprehensive testing menu includes ENFD Analysis, Mass Spectrometry, for rapid identification of bacteria from culture specimens, and Molecular Genetics for the detection of micro-organisms and as a diagnostic aid in certain pathologic diagnoses. BakoDx in-network services are available through our more than 250 million covered lives, including all five national health plans, and fully compliant patient-friendly billing policies.  Over the past eleven years, BakoDx has evolved into one of the podiatric profession’s principal sources of educational sponsorship. Bako Diagnostics, your professional partner for disease diagnostics and management!  For more information, call us at 855-422-5628 or visit bakodx.com.

PodPath Solutions


PodPath offers a full array of testing, stains, cultures, etc. From your PAS stain to fungal PCR, to skin biopsies, PodPath can service you in any way. We offer a 24-48 hour turnaround time on your typical biopsies and stains, and the PCR testing is around 4 days. We provide you with all of the supplies and prepaid shipping labels, and also offer to integrate with your EMR at absolutely no cost to you. We pride ourselves in is patient care, being completely transparent and reachable, and also giving back to the podiatry community. We have been hosting workshops at conferences across the country and plan on teaching not only practicing podiatrists but also helping train the residents. I know you are Faculty at the DermFoot meetings, which we are interested in attending, and this could be another opportunity for us to attend, show podiatrists who we are, and give back to the industry.



We are a national diagnostic laboratory dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care. Our mission is to provide best in class pathology services to save lives.

At StrataDx, every slide is a person… A person who may be very anxious about the news that will be delivered from the doctor after a biopsy. Inspired by our passion for helping people, we provide peace of mind through accurate diagnosis and reliable results.

Aurora Diagnostics

Offering customized dermatopathology services throughout the U.S, Aurora Diagnostics is dedicated to providing exceptional support, unparalleled quality and a superior diagnosis. Our board- certified dermatopathologists provide diagnostic expertise and work collaboratively with referring dermatologists and skincare providers to determine the best course of treatment for your patient. Our professional services include: accurate and expeditious dermatopathology results, physician and patient educational resources, information technology solutions and management tools designed to optimize practice workflow. We invite you to discover firsthand what sets Aurora Diagnostics apart.


Our mission is to deliver meaningful Personalized Medicine results to patients and provide healthcare professionals the necessary tools to leverage their knowledge and truly individualize treatment plans based on a patient’s DNA. We utilize the latest technology in DNA genotyping to help provide the right medications, at the right dose, and effectively lower overall healthcare expenditures while delivering the best health outcome for the patient.



PharmaDerm is dedicated to developing and commercializing prescription products to treat diseases and conditions of the skin —the largest organ of the human body. Our goal is to pursue development of products that will help improve the lives of patients with skin disease.

Ortho Dermatologics


Ortho Dermatologics, a leader in Podiatry and Medical Dermatology, develops and markets prescription products to treat conditions including toenail onychomycosis and interdigital tinea pedis.

Professional Arts Pharmacy

Professional Arts Pharmacy is the leading specialty pharmacy in Louisiana. We ease the pain for both patients and prescribers by turning medication problems into solutions. It’s the core of what we do to enhance patient care.

Sebela Pharmaceuticals

Sebela Pharmaceuticals is committed to improving patients’ lives by developing, marketing and selling differentiated branded prescription pharmaceuticals for patients whose needs are not adequately satisfied. Sebela Pharmaceutical’s commercial activities are focused in the United States for niche therapeutic markets
including gastroenterology, dermatology and women’s health.

Legally Mine


The mission of Legally Mine is to empower members of the healthcare community with the knowledge and tools to protect their assets, legitimately reduce their tax liability, and cultivate an environment wherein they can thrive financially. Legally Mine is the most experienced, and comprehensive lawsuit protection
firm in the US.



Podiatry Insurance Company of America (PICA) is the nation’s leading provider of medical professional liability insurance for podiatric physicians in the United States. For over 35 years, we have provided medical malpractice coverage while supporting and enhancing the podiatric profession through sponsorships, risk management seminars and annual scholarships for podiatric medical students, to name a few.

A Step Above Health Management Systems

We have the specialized podiatric billing experience and knowledge that allows us to streamline the billing process.  We have the expertise to ensure timely claims processing, and accurate reimbursements. We have over 20 years experience in the medical billing field,  which will provide you with a customized plan to handle all your billing needs. As we all know, no two practices are the same. Why should your Podiatry practice fit into the cookie cutter mold most billing companies have?

Blue Orchid Marketing

Blue Orchid Marketing is a proven provider of marketing strategies for small to mid-size podiatry practices. Our recall campaigns show impressive ROI in the first year, more than doubling your investment. Increase your online reviews, get found with 70+ local online directories and post weekly custom blogs.

CME Online

CME Online is a team of specialists in the world of Medicine, Law and Technology who have come together with the intention helping to keep you, the practitioner, up to date with the latest in information which is valuable to you and your practice.

Doctor Multimedia

We are experts in website design and marketing for the medical industry. We provide doctors with internet solutions and marketing techniques that turn the web into an advantage for their practices.

NEMO Health

NEMO Health helps podiatrists succeed by simplifying their practices with time-saving solutions. Our total practice solutions are developed by podiatrists, specifically for podiatrists and include charting, practice management and e-prescription software, as well as revenue cycle management. TRAKnet™ is our podiatry specific EHR and practice management platform that incorporates charting, billing, and scheduling, all into a single system allowing an effortless transition from scheduling to encounters and claims. NEMO Rx™ is our simple, web-based, comprehensive e-prescribing solution that ensures you and your patient are covered. It provides access to your patients’ medication histories and formularies while offering automatic interaction checking.

Sammy Systems

Sammy Systems provides best in class Electronic Health Records Systems and Practice Management Software. We are the ONLY system that has support for PODIATRIC specific coding alerts, PODIATRY specific specialized registries and PODIATRY SPECIFIC workflows to allow you to properly capture, document and be paid for the vital services you provide to your patients.

Web Power Advantage

Beautiful Websites. World-Class Content Management. Game-Changing Technology.  24/7 Support dramatically increase your “web presence”. Education, not advertising, is the key to successfully building credibility and trust.