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2020 Exhibitors and Sponsors

Thank you for supporting lower extremity dermatology!

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DERMfoot 2020 Exhibitors



Since our founding in 1996, Erchonia has remained committed to furthering the advancement of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) through scientific and clinical studies and development of our FDA-approved lasers. Our expertise as a medical laser manufacturer has allowed us to become a world leader in the field of low-level laser pain relief.

Erchonia cares about clinicians and patients, and we prove it through our extensive research undergone in the strictest clinical trial conditions. With 15 FDA market clearances, we’re dedicated to producing safe, effective solutions designed for physicians world-wide.



Saorsa is the newly established US distributor of SWIFT Technology; a revolutionary modality that uses microwaves to treat plantar warts and verrucae. Having just recently launched (January 2019), soarsa is now introducing this innovative platform to podiatrists across the country, focusing on early adopters seeking better outcomes for their patients. Delivered in less time than comparative methods, SWIFT does not break skin, creates no smoke and does not destroy tissue. Healing is natural and the outcome is Freedom. Visit us at our booth and speak to our team about how SWIFT can help your patients and your practice.

Bako Diagnostics


Bako Diagnostics is a provider of diagnostic and therapeutic services with a unique focus on pathology of the lower extremity. Bako’s comprehensive testing menu includes ENFD Analysis, Mass Spectrometry, for rapid identification of bacteria from culture specimens, and Molecular Genetics for the detection of micro-organisms and as a diagnostic aid in certain pathologic diagnoses. Bako’s in-network services are available through its more than 200 million covered lives, including all five national health plans and fully compliant patient-friendly billing policies. Over the past nine years, Bako has evolved into one of the podiatric profession’s principal sources of educational sponsorship.

PodPath Solutions


PodPath offers a full array of testing, stains, cultures, etc. From your PAS stain to fungal PCR, to skin biopsies, PodPath can service you in any way. We offer a 24-48 hour turnaround time on your typical biopsies and stains, and the PCR testing is around 4 days. We provide you with all of the supplies and prepaid shipping labels, and also offer to integrate with your EMR at absolutely no cost to you. We pride ourselves in is patient care, being completely transparent and reachable, and also giving back to the podiatry community. We have been hosting workshops at conferences across the country and plan on teaching not only practicing podiatrists but also helping train the residents. I know you are Faculty at the DermFoot meetings, which we are interested in attending, and this could be another opportunity for us to attend, show podiatrists who we are, and give back to the industry.



We are a national diagnostic laboratory dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care. Our mission is to provide best in class pathology services to save lives.

At StrataDx, every slide is a person… A person who may be very anxious about the news that will be delivered from the doctor after a biopsy. Inspired by our passion for helping people, we provide peace of mind through accurate diagnosis and reliable results.



PharmaDerm is dedicated to developing and commercializing prescription products to treat diseases and conditions of the skin —the largest organ of the human body. Our goal is to pursue development of products that will help improve the lives of patients with skin disease.

Ortho Dermatologics


Ortho Dermatologics, a leader in Podiatry and Medical Dermatology, develops and markets prescription products to treat conditions including toenail onychomycosis and interdigital tinea pedis.

Legally Mine


The mission of Legally Mine is to empower members of the healthcare community with the knowledge and tools to protect their assets, legitimately reduce their tax liability, and cultivate an environment wherein they can thrive financially. Legally Mine is the most experienced, and comprehensive lawsuit protection firm in the US.



Podiatry Insurance Company of America (PICA) is the nation’s leading provider of medical professional liability insurance for podiatric physicians in the United States. For over 35 years, we have provided medical malpractice coverage while supporting and enhancing the podiatric profession through sponsorships, risk management seminars and annual scholarships for podiatric medical students, to name a few.

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